People experiencing homelessness have unique medical needs that are often unaddressed in traditional healthcare settings.


In Lubbock, nearly 70% of all people experiencing homelessness use emergency rooms as their only source of medical care. This is both a highly expensive and inefficient use of resources. For people in homelessness, access issues can be complex and include such things as lack of transportation and lack of knowledge about available options.

Open Door Clinic seeks to provide accessible medical care in the places where vulnerable people spend their time, reducing this formidable barrier to regular medical care.


The complex healthcare system is daunting to someone facing complex issues. Lack of education, illiteracy, language barriers, mental illness, and many other factors contribute to a lack of understanding in navigating the healthcare system.

Open Door Clinic seeks to create a Clinic that is easy for anyone to access. Open Door medical staff provides patient navigation services for patients who need it, helping them connect with healthcare resources across the community to ensure our patients’ health needs are met.


Lack of trust is a major barrier for many homeless people seeking medical care. For many people who have experienced trauma or who have a mental illness, encountering several strangers in a healthcare setting can trigger negative responses.

Open Door Clinic is a relationship-based clinic where medical staff are well known and respected among patients.

As Open Door Clinic continues to grow, we plan to expand our services to include patients outside of our Housing program. Our dream is to operate both an on-site medical clinic as well as a mobile clinic that will meet the healthcare needs of people on the streets.