Need Housing?

Need Housing?

If you or someone you know if currently experiencing homelessness, the first step to accessing assistance is completing a housing assessment through Coordinated Entry. This brief assessment will help us evaluate your needs and direct you to the most appropriate housing intervention for you in our community.

There are currently several Coordinated Entry Locations in Lubbock: Open Door, Family Promise of Lubbock, and The Salvation Army of Lubbock. Contact us or another location for more information on the hours during which assessments are provided.

Open Door Housing

Open Door Housing currently offers Permanent Supportive Housing which focuses on housing the most chronically, vulnerable homeless individuals and households. Open Door Housing is currently restricted to individuals or households without children.

Even if an individual or household does not qualify for the Open Door Housing program, the Coordinated Entry Assessment considers all housing options in our community and makes referrals to other eligible interventions.

More info on Open Door Survivor Housing coming soon.


For other questions, contact the Community Center staff at (806) 687-6876 or contact 2-1-1 Texas for a list of other community services by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone.