Survivor Housing

Open Door Survivor Housing is a transitional housing (TH) program providing housing with therapeutic supportive services for adult survivors of sex trafficking and their children.

Launched in January 2019, Open Door Survivor Housing provides transitional housing and comprehensive supportive services including child care, intensive counseling, life skills classes, and 24-hour on-call case management for periods of 6-18 months. 

Survivor Housing Program Phases

Sex Trafficking on the South Plains

Many people think human trafficking is something that happens “out there” in some vague other place - maybe a major cosmopolitan city or a distant foreign country. But human trafficking is a problem right here in Lubbock.

Out of the 462 sexual assault cases reported by Voice of Hope in 2017, 69 involved victims of sex trafficking, and of the 434 people experiencing homelessness in Lubbock in 2017, 40% reported having experienced physical or sexual violence while homeless. And these are just the reported numbers. The reality is that most cases of sex trafficking go unreported and many people suffer without help.

Transitional Housing

“One of the primary barriers we face as service providers is finding appropriate housing for survivors… Not having safe, affordable housing to turn to means that victims are more likely to stay in exploitive situations (because there is nowhere else to go) or be re-trafficked or otherwise unsafe.” (Break the Chain Campaign, cited in the Federal Strategic Action Plan)

Open Door Survivor Housing provides transitional housing and therapeutic supportive services for adult victims of sex trafficking, engaged in prostitution, or survival sex and their children for a period of up to 18 months, at NO COST to program participants. Survivor Housing provides a critical opportunity for survivors to escape trafficking, experience holistic healing, and begin to rebuild a stable and sustainable life.

What is Open Door Survivor Housing?


Open Door Survivor Housing is a grant funded program that allows Open Door to provide housing to survivors of sex trafficking, engaged in prostitution, or survival sex. Qualifying survivors can be female or male and our units allow families to be housed with up to three children. We cannot accept couples into the program. Eligibility is limited to single individuals or single parents. Survivors should be ready to participate in the program for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 18 months before ultimately transitioning out and into independent housing and living. We believe that it should never cost to be a survivor and as such, there is no fee to participate in the program. Survivors will, however, be required to start a savings account as a part of the program that will serve as a nest egg for costs of living upon program completion.

Who Are We?

Open Door believes strongly in the power of holistic healing and community. We recognize that making the brave decision to leave an unhealthy system, like sex trafficking, prostitution, or survival sex, creates a vacuum in a person’s life. This critical space is often one where people become uncertain and begin to question whether or not they can truly leave the life behind. Open Door Survivor Housing is in the unique position of standing in this gap with survivors and offering a safe, healthy community for them to begin to explore a life outside of trafficking.

What Can I Expect As A Participant?

Our team is made up of individuals who understand the nature of trauma and who seek to meet people exactly where they are. We recognize that each survivor brings their own unique gifts, needs, and experiences and it is our goal to partner with survivors to determine a plan of action that is most appropriate for them on their path to healing. Survivor Housing offers the following resources, all of which are available to participants and highly encouraged as a part of holistic, whole-body, whole-mind, whole-spirit, healing:


  • Case management services
  • Survivor advocates who provide peer support
  • Spiritual support
  • On-site counselor who provides specialized, trauma informed therapy for individuals, children, families, and groups
  • Therapeutic and support groups that will cover a range of topics
  • On-site gym that provides a safe space for participants to engage their bodies and work toward physical health and wellness and improve confidence and self esteem
  • On-site workout classes such as yoga, weight training, kickboxing, and more
  • On-site community space, with a play room for children, where survivors are free to interact with staff or enjoy coffee with other program participants
  • On-site library and work spaces where survivors can read or study
  • On-site computer and internet access for participant use as they work to reintegrate into the larger community, workforce, or educational systems


If you or someone you know is interested in participating in Open Door Survivor Housing, please call 806-687-6876 or email our team at [email protected]

If you’re in crisis, contact Voice of Hope at 806-763-7273